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At Villa Sampaguita we welcome children of all ages and there are many diversions to keep our young visitors amused.

Our Grandaughter Harriet, (born January 2009) lives with us and loves to show young children around and be their playmate.

Whereas we are not a serious farm with livestock, we have a variety of smaller friendly animals for children to pet and feed, including our rabbit and our chickens. We are looking for a pony to take children for rides, however until such time there is a nearby riding school that takes children for rides with an English-speaking guide.

We also welcome children to join in whatever activity we may be doing at the time, such as threshing grain, making hay or even bonfires (only on blue moons!). Picking vegetables with Rina and fruit in season are also popular activities (especially in strawberry season) and grape-picking.

We don’t have a swimming pool, but we do provide a paddling pool for toddlers on hot days, and there is a family-oriented water park with slides and all, and a toddler area, only 5 minutes way towards Asti.

Rina is quite happy to cook up a child’s plate and we can find a local baby-sitter if parents want a night out (but let us know in advance).

We also provide cots for the very young at no extra charge.

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Pasta making
Picking veggies
Harriet picks grapes
Threshing wheat
Cuddling chickens